The Chicken House

there is still lots of work to be done​

here is the chicken coop it still needs work but were getting there

we have walls to finish and more shelves to be put up and a roost and it all needs to be painted

we got the walls and the rest of the boxes made in two days

got the roost up

and a little brooder box on the top shelf

its getting there​

The Chicken's

Here is the handsome rooster Yinsen :)

And this is Scrappy

Hello :)

The Ladys in the coop trying to stay cool in this gosh darn heat!

here are the little bantams sam (the white one) is so sweet she is my FAV!!!

she is so sweet and so much bigger know

and here is barf lol

this is buttercup and teatub

Buttercup on her eggs
and the new babys that we hatched in our LG

and this is them at 4 weeks old they grow so fast