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Chickens 23

By 5Leepy!, Jan 11, 2012 | |
  1. 5Leepy!
    Scrappy Born approximately March 2010. Dekalb Amberlink

    Waffles Born approximately May 2010. Mixed Breed. 1/2 Black Leghorn and 1/2 Barnevelder

    Bunny Born approximately May 2010. Blue Ameraucana. Has since passed away.

    Darlin' Born May 14, 2011. Black Australorp

    Bilbo Born May 14, 2011. Barred Plymouth Rock

    Belle Born May 14, 2011. Light Brahma

    Buttercup Born May 14, 2011. Buff Brahma

    Cookie Born July 6, 2011.Cuckoo Marans

    Pandora Born July 6, 2011. Silver Lace Wyandot

    Bullet Born July 13, 2011. Black Star Sexlink

    Dahlia Born July 21, 2011. Speckled Sussex

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