UPDATE!! See below for new pics!
Come see the chickens!! We have started out with only 3 little chickies. The man from the hatchery said they were "brown frizzle bantams". Now, I don't know what "brown" means anymore...but here they are! More progressive pics to come!
All of these pics were taken at 4 weeks old.


Well, we don't know if they are male or female yet. This one is mainly all "brown" and frizzled!! This picture was taken at about 4 weeks old.


This one didn't end up frizzled, but we think that just adds variety! Male? Female? Not sure yet but how cute!!!!


This little chickie is alot more colorful than the other two. It has a lot of dark brown, light brown, a bit of white. Just beautiful!!

UPDATE!! New chicken pics!!
I took these pictures at 6 weeks old. The chickens are in their finished coop and loving every minute of it! Enjoy!

This is the flat feathered chickie.

And this is one of the frizzled chickies. I just love the feathered feet!​