Chickens And Ducks For Eggs And Meat Beginning The Journey To Growing Our Food

By chickmonk18 · Dec 19, 2012 · ·
  1. chickmonk18
    My husband and I started this journey last April when we purchased our first Ducks to produce eggs for us. That is when I became a Duck Wrangler and fell in love with them. Baby Ducks are just so cute.They were a week old when we drove to the Breeder and purchased them, Indian Runners.

    When I met my hubby he lived on a farm and had Ducks. His were 1/2 Indian Runner and 1/2 Pekin. It was his idea to cross them and it produced Ducks that really layed consistently in the cold and thru the Winter. I was not interested in Ducks or Chickens then as I was a City Slicker. But, I did love Farm Boys and Horses. That is how we met 36 years ago. We worked together and talked about animals and horses. I was boarding a horse at the time. So I invited him to go riding with me and he borrowed my friends horse to ride. After we went riding together a few times he asked me to help him find a horse to purchase.We became best friends and fell in love and have been soul mates ever since. It wasn't until we were married that he admitted he purchased that horse for me. But, the seed was sown and he fell in love with horses too. Unfortunately we eventually had to move from the country into a small town where we bought our first house and had to sell our horses. We did find a wonderful young Vet Student to buy our horses, that helped.

    We lived in a small town from then till 2010 when my husband was transferred with his job from OH to SC. We are now out in the country on a couple of acres of pure bliss. We are organic gardeners of veggies and flowers. We also love all kinds of grasses, ornmental trees, etc...

    The reason we started looking to grow our own eggs was that my husband started being unable to eat eggs from the grocery store. The only ones he could tolerate were Organic Free Range Eggs from Trader Joes. Even Earth Fare eggs were making him sick. The packaging said they were Free Range Organic, but something was not right with them. This is my hubbys only allergy. I have so many food allergies that I really have to watch what I eat. That is why we started growing organic veggies a long time ago. My husband loves Duck eggs for the richness and they really make baked goods and egg dishes rise. I on the other hand only eat eggs in cooking or baked goods, mild allergies to them, plus I don't like the taste of eggs. To me Duck eggs taste strong. I can taste them even in pancakes. We decided we needed some chickens.

    I just purchased some Maran and Lavender Orpington Eggs to hatch and they will be coming soon. My husband has experience hatching eggs so here we go.

    Any advice on the best chicken for laying eggs all year and meat would be appreciated!

    Will update you on the hatching of these eggs and how it turns out.

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  1. chickmonk18
    We received Maran Eggs for hatching 12/24/12. The eggs are so dark it is really hard to candle them. Any suggestions??

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