Chickens And Guineas

By lovnmynightmare · Oct 17, 2012 · Updated Oct 17, 2012 · ·
  1. lovnmynightmare
    We have 3 Easter Egger chickens that our like out little pets. They stay close to the house. We feed them separate and allow them inside the garage area sometimes. The other chickens and Guineas are mean to them. We also have 4 black sex link hens and 6 barred plymouth rock hens. We have a flock of pearl and lavender guineas who think they are chickens too. They were all raised together and are just getting to the egg laying age. So this should be interesting since they free range all day.. Guess we'll go on egg hunts soon!

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  1. itsthelaw37801
    I love my guineas. They started picking on two of their own to the point that the two didn't get to eat. I caught them and put them in the coop with some of my chickens. I have found the ones I put them with accepted them. But if they free range with all the chickens, the other chickens pick on them too.

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