Chickens and the pecking order - How do they show dominance? Why is there a pecking order?)

By ThePRfan · Dec 24, 2014 · ·
  1. ThePRfan
    Many people just wonder questions about chickens,but 1 I have recently noticed is Dominance.The main part of a chickens life.It has EVERYTHING thing to do with Pecking order,and who's who,and it gives reasoning.
    Well i'm gonna talk about reasoning,and how they show Dominance.

    The few ways
    There are actually only a few ways to show dominance.Believe it or not,in order to make a Pecking Order,the chickens have to Bond.It's a whole part of it.But how can they bond.You put in new chickens and 5 minutes later maybe their bleeding.This sin't pecking order this is simply called,"Territory"defending.After this stage,they realize their becoming a flock member.So they begin the pecking order.Everyday those new chickens are bonding,i don't care about you not seeing,they truly are though.

    Another big part is the Dominate Wing.This is another way to acually show whose boss,and it sounds weird,but often roosters will hurdle around the hen doing the chicken wing.[​IMG]It isn't unnatural if hens do it.Mines do it all the time,but don't exactly hurdle hens.Hens simply drop their wings an d growl.It's hard to tell if a chicken growls,but it is truth.

    The fighting.This is another way they lay out dominance.Just fight it out.Normally they drop their wings,pick at the grass,and growl at the other,then just go at it.Sometime fighting just simply means,kicking 1 another,or just a few picks,that's all it really takes to lay pecking order.[​IMG]
    Really I have named the 3 ways that help assist pecking order.Now why do they do this?
    Like most people say"because they want to".Actually there's alot more to it.The Pecking Order like I said is a big PART of a chickens life,so without it what are the punishments.
    1 thing is,they never stop fighting,and adventauly kill one another.They may bleed to bad,become stressed ETC.What else might be punishments?
    Well,I know that without pecking order,a flock may be uncomplete.Maybe they never get food/water,or lay eggs EVERYWHERE.because nobodies allowing them to the nest boxes.
    3,noone would know who's where.4 Or who defends,which could be bad on a rooster.
    I have gave you as much as can Folks!
    Good luck!


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