Chickens are cool! (50 chicken facts you will love)

Fun Facts Here: Chickens have a great memory. They can distinguish between over 100 different faces of people or animals.
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  1. Chickenloving
    Chickens are cool! Chicken facts

    Do you know about chickens? Now you will!

    1. Chickens have a great memory. They can distinguish between over 100 different faces of people or animals.

    2. Chickens have full-color vision.

    3.They actually dream dreams when they sleep.

    4. Chickens can feel pain or distress.

    5. Over 452 million hens are used a year for eggs.

    6. There are over 25 billion of them in the world, that's more than any other bird.

    7. The rooster's wattle is used to bring attention to him when dancing for the hens. [​IMG]

    8. Chickens love to play!

    9. Mother hens talk to their chicks when they are still in the egg.

    10. Each chicken sound means something specific.

    11. A chicken can live for a short while without a head!

    12. A hen can lay more than 300 eggs a year.

    13. A mother hen turns her eggs about 50 times a day.

    14. The largest chicken egg weighed nearly 12 ounces.

    15. The chicken breed called turkens is not a chicken and turkey cross. That is a myth.

    16. Chickens cannot literally change gender. That is a myth.

    17. The waste made by a chicken in its lifetime can make enough electricity to run a 100 watt bulb for five hours!

    18. Reportedly the record number of eggs laid in one day by a chicken is seven.

    19. The fear of chickens is called Alektorophobia. [​IMG]

    20. All the chickens eaten at KFC worldwide would circle the Earth at the equator 11 times.

    21. The oldest chicken, Muffy, is 22.

    22. A freshly laid egg is 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

    23. Scientists believe chickens were domesticated about 8000 years ago.

    24. A chick starts developing at 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

    25. Chickens have more bones in their necks than giraffes!

    26. Chickens can mourn for each other.

    27. There are more chickens than people on the Earth.

    28. Silkies have five toes. [​IMG]

    29. The chicken came before the egg.

    30. In 2009, a lady found a fried chicken head at McDonalds.

    31. If a chicken has red ear lobes, it will lay brown eggs; if white, white eggs.

    32. Chickens will lay fewer, but larger eggs as they grow older.

    33. A chicken heart beats more than 300 times a minute.

    34. Chickens can't taste sweetness.

    35. They can taste saltiness.

    36. A chicken loses feathers when stressed.

    37. A chicken's beak can bleed.

    38. The dance roosters perform is called tidbitting. [​IMG]

    39. The record flight time for a chicken is 13 seconds.

    40. The record number of yolks in an egg is nine!

    41. In Gainesville, Georgia, it is illegal to eat fried chicken with anything but your fingers.

    42. There are 219 million undesirable male chicks killed each year by the egg industries.

    43. If the white of the egg is cloudy, it is fresh.

    44. The average cage space for an egg-laying chicken is less than a 8" by 11" sheet of paper.

    45. A group of chickens is called a flock.

    46. The amount of light is what makes a hen lay eggs.

    47. To make a dozen eggs, a hen has to have about four pounds of feed.

    48. A chicken is 75 percent water. [​IMG]

    49. Chickens don't pee. It is just mixed into the poop.

    Last one! 50. A rooster was chosen to be the mascot of the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

    Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed and learned a little! Just remember this: Chickens are cool!!


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    • In response to #4: My hen CAUSES pain and distress. It happens everytime I step in her poo.
    • Re #6: I dunno about there being more chickens than any other bird... I recently put up a hummingbird feeder. Within one hour I thought I was in a Hitchcock movie.
    • Re #8: They DO love to play!! Tweedy beat me at Scrabble 3 times already!
    • Re #11: UGH!
    • Re #12: OUCH!
    • Re #14: 12 ounce egg??? My condolences to the mother!
    • Re #17: About their waste... I could have told you that. Tweedy generates the yearly electricity for our entire city.
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    • Re #24: At 88 degrees, my chick went looking for the air conditioner.
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    Great job! Farming Frenzy- My hens that have blue earlobes lay blue eggs.
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    Cool indidnt know the fact about red ear lobes - brown eggs! What about blue earlobes? Nice article
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