Mah Peeps

The chickens were ordered Feb 3, 2011 from My Pet Chicken (after researching reviews here and the breeds I wanted, this site seemed the best choice) and set to arrive on the week of June 13 that year. They were indeed hatched on June 13 and arrived the very next day. All were healthy little peeps upon arrival.

The post office debacle.
I got a call at 8:30am the morning of June 14, 2011 with exciting news- my chickens were waiting for me at the post office! When I arrived at the post office an hour later and stated I was there to pick up my chickens, the lady at the counter gave me a funny look. "Chickens," I said, "Chicks really, little baby peeping chickens...?" She countered saying that someone had already been there to pick them up. I followed with, "Well it wasn't me!"

Turns out there were two orders of chickens that had arrived that morning (really, of all days? Two city chicken orders arriving on the same day? Crazy right?) and my chickens had been given to the wrong people! The lady apologetically took my phone number and said would call me when my chickens came back.

Around noon I got a call that they were back and finally got my chickens. They said the lady got home, opened the box, and said "I didn't order so many!?"
Here They Are :)
I promised my nieces I would take pictures every day for them as they had just left that sunday for a month on Puerto Rico (poor things, right).

The chicks began putting out feathers so quickly!

The guy above is the bravest, biggest, and most inquisitive so far. I believe he is an easter egger, by process of elimination. The silkie below is my sister's. She wanted a chicken and chose this breed- then named her Rotisserie.

I believe the breeds are as follows:
Browns are welsummer, easter egger, and speckled sussex (one of each). Fuzzy black with fuzzy feet and the extra toe is obviously the silkie. Black with white spot on head is barred plymouth rock. Black with yellow belly is the black australorp and the mostly blonde is another easter egger. This is assuming I recieved the breeds I requested (I DID check the box that I wouldn't take substitutions so they should be right). I just can't tell which brown one is which breed! I'll figure it out when they feather though. :)

Guess what?


Nearing the end of week one having the chicks. They're fun and cute. They're like all babies, they eat and poo and sleep but are beginning to show more personality. Two of our dogs are fine with them, one is... prey driven. For now. Once the chickens get bigger than the mini-dachshund one threat will be eliminated LOL! The remaining dog has yet to show what he thinks of these things but we're cautious as he recently killed two opossums. All the dogs respect my pets (even when I take my parrot outside), but I am being cautious with these little guys.