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Chickens come and chickens go....swapping stuff

By coffeekittie, Oct 4, 2012 | Updated: May 6, 2013 | |
  1. coffeekittie
    • Winklerfarms to me: Rouens eggs due to be shipped next Spring 2013
    • crazypetlady to me: 16+ Dwarf Olandsk eggs
    • crazypetlady to me: 12+ Hedamora eggs
    • I OWE cjwaldon: 6 d'Uccle eggs 4/16/13 MAILED 4/17/13 RECEIVED
    • corancher owes to me: 3 Pilgrim eggs 4/16/13 Mailed the 16th, RECEIVED 4/23/13, all smashed by the PO.
    • GabbleBabbe owes to me: 2 Toulouse eggs 4/11/13
    • celticoaksfarms owes to me: 6 Appleyard eggs 4/14/13 RECEIVED
    • reesepoultry owes to me: 6 Muscovy eggs 4/16/13 RECEIVED
    • I OWE to thespoiledchicken: 6 d'Uccle eggs 4/17/13 MAILED 4/23/13
    • TNBEARCHICK owes to me SUMMER: 6 Choc Bantam Orpington eggs 4/18/13
    • KTtinpusher owes to me: 6 Swedish Flower eggs 4/22/13 post 9678 RECEIVED
    • I OWE to KrazyKat0373 6+ Porcelain d'Uccle eggs 4/22/13 post 9679 I'm to wait until she lets me know she is ready.
    • kraftyladies owes to me: Ameraucanas instead of bantam Orps RECEIVED


    (Pics to follow)

    1. books
    2. art supplies
    3. candles
    4. makeup and beauty
    5. clothing
    6. knick knacks
    7. music cds
    8. computer and video games and software
    9. edibles
    10. Spring eggs: d'Uccles, turkey, goose
    11. bunnies
    12. homesteading supplies
    13. Washington State oriented stuff - like Brown & Haley candies (I'd buy new) for example or UW tee-and sweat-shirts


    All eggs listed at least BQ if not SQ.
    1. d'Uccles
    2. Nankins
    3. BBRed Phoenix
    4. working or fixable water hand pump
    5. Standard of Perfection Poultry Book - any usable edition
    6. usable things made out of copper
    7. 4" or larger diameter cast iron pipe (yes, seriously)
    8. high temperature fire bricks
    9. books on beginning welding
    10. TV series DVDs: L&O:CI, L&O, Eureka, Parks & Recreation, Stargate:SG1
    11. candle-making supplies
    12. Hand Sculpted House book, any condition
    13. Genetics of Chicken Colours book, any condition
    14. rechargeable batteries, any size AAAA through D
    15. Osage Orange seedlings
    16. really warm, thick woman's socks (not just booties, but longer lengths)
    17. handheld GPS so I can actually find my property when I try to go there
    18. high-wattage single burner
    19. Exhibiting Poultry for Fun and Profit book, any condition
    20. pitcher pump for wells
    21. Solar Greenhouses Underground book, any condition
    22. Rolling Homes: Handmade Houses on Wheels book, any condition
    23. Poultry Breeding & Genetics book, any condition


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