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By roostersandhens · Feb 12, 2013 · ·
  1. roostersandhens
    Here you will learn 25 foods chickens like. (This is not in a oder of what they like more or less just a regular list)

    1. Persimine

    2. Red Plumb

    3. White Plumb

    4. Fresh Corn

    5. Popcorn

    6. Grapes

    7. Yogurt. Here is a picture of chickens eating yogurt sorry sideways:

    8. Sunflower Seeds

    9. Tomato

    10. Cooked Oatmeal

    11. Meal Worms

    12. Most Cereal

    13. Bead

    14. Lettus

    15. Nuts

    16. Most Bugs

    17. Grass

    18. Pancakes

    19. Cherrie Tomatoes

    20. Pasta

    21. Apple

    22. Banana

    23.. Strawberry

    24. Blueberries

    25. Watermellon

    Now you know 25 foods chickens love!

    Here is a tip for you if you love feeding your chickens leftovers. Chickens can not eat citrus I am not sure why though. If you want to know how to make your chickens egg yolks dark yellow feed them lots of lettus and grass works too so it helps when they are free range. Hope you liked my list![​IMG]

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