Fancy Girls I'd Like to Have
Ideally, I'd like to get these girls as chicks or young pullets. Hatching eggs means I could end up with a basket of roos but...
ya god'a do what ya god'a do!

These are a few breeds I'd really like to have that aren't readily available from hatcheries.
If anyone has them or knows someone who does, please let me know!
She is a Belgian Bearded de Grubbe Bantam hen. They are the same as Antwerp Bearded Bantams only they are rumpless. The picture comes from The Complete Encyclopedia of Chickens by Esther Verhoef and Aad Rijs.

This lovely girl is a Partridge Brahma. She looks every bit the classy lady to me and quite feminine. I will have a Partridge Cochin soon who will eventually look similar to this Brahma. See my first page that shows all the breeds I have coming April 1st.