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By CCCCCCCCHICKENS · Aug 4, 2013 · ·
    I have owned chickens for years now and enjoy everyday of it! I show, breed, and of course keep chickens as pets.


    I go to at least 3 shows a year. One in the spring, summer, and fall, plus any I can attend between.

    -perks of showing-

    • You get someone elses opinion about your chicken
    • Sometimes you meet really nice chicken people
    • Not that this one is that important, but you can win awards
    • Once you get some good show chickens, you can win money. Which can buy food for your chickens and provide money to go to more shows and buy more chickens
    • At some shows you can purchase chickens
    • At some shows you can sell chickens


    Breeding isnt for everyone. It take lots of thought and careful planning.Make charts, list, and notes.


    IMO culling is a very important part of breeding. Once you first start out you might think that is cruel, but it is important. Things you need to look at when culling.
    • weak chicks
    • chickens that do not meet the standard
    • chickens that have traits that are considered not diserable in the breed
    • chicks that have various illness and defects- cross beaks, mareks disease, etc.

    -selective breeding-

    *not all breeders do this, just something to keep in mind. There are other methods of selective breeding.

    • picking good breeding pairs- if you have a male that lacks certain traits, pick a female that makes up for it (or vice versa)


    Chickens make great pets! And mine are always making me laugh. I would post pics of some of mine, but then there would be a million pictures!

    All of this is my opinion, so please dont be offended by any of it.

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    Your welcome. I really enjoys showing my chickens too. I just took 9 too a show not to long ago and didnt do half bad.
  2. Whittni
    Thanks for sharing, I really love to show my chickens.

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