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    My family lives in a small town, in a small house, with a small piece of land. Just my 7 yr old son and I (but other family lives close by, thankfully.)
    We have a few dogs, some fish, a couple dozen chickens, the leftover terrarium from our failed attempt at keeping Kermit I and Kermit II alive and the gophers who ate my entire garden last year. I do a bit of gardening (in pots mostly, until I can put in a raised bed next year to foil the gophers), try to keep the weeds at bay, attempt to keep the kiddo and the dogs in line, laugh at the flock, and try to get some work done for my 3 jobs (dog breeder, writer and general flunky) in my spare time. We are considering adding a couple of goats to the family, so doing research on that.
    It's a challenge, but I love them all, even when they drive me crazy (it's a short trip!)
    Will post pics of coop and the flock soon!

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