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    After "lurking" on BYC for over a year and a half I finally realized if I am on this website as much as I am...I should really create a page!
    I have currently, after a couple fox attacks, five golden comets and one rooster (the brave and valiant Eben-Roo)...believed to be half Barred Rock half Buff one coop. In the smaller coop, I am housing three Araucana pullets and two cockerals ( Mutt and Jeff ) 1 Copper Maran and 3 C Marans . With a new addition to the flock of some young pullets (4 ) and another roo. Who I will be swapping out for a new pullet...SO grand total 20.
    I have, in most instances, been the one singlehandedly responsible for the building of the run, coop, and daily maintenance of all chicken chores. DH has helped on occasion to build the coops...but this hand has held hammers and this body has toiled to create the best place I can for my wonderful chickens!
    I have two wonderful children - Madeleine, who is 8 and Eli, who is 4. The pets are rounded off with two dogs - a German Shepard and a Pomeranian AND two cats...\
    I can't even remember how my chicken adventure first started. I had been buying eggs from the natural foods store for like $4.81 ... enough is enough! If I had to pay that much let me keep chickens! I hadn't bought store eggs for a couple years - and was spoiled by the delicious rich taste of FRESH EGGS! My husband said yes .... and we embarked...Or I embarked...See I will say this: I do most everything....It started with a 6 x 6 coop in our barn. Building only two walls, and using the existing structure for wall 3 and 4. Set in a corner, using an existing window in the barn, recycling old traffic signs, drawers, door, foam insulation, nails and paneling...that coop cost us a total of $28! (ok so my Dad and Husband helped frame the two walls....) After that is was all me. I insulated later that summer and built roosts....
    The most costly thing has been the run - fencing supplies... The run for the OF (original flock) started out to be about 10 x 10 ... and now is double that. The run sat unused last year! As my chickens roamed free...
    Then we have this year...I got more meat birds, and 4 Auracauna and inherited 2 Cockerals ... lost one to a fox and now all my chickens chill for most of the day in the run...
    I love my chickens and I think secretly, so does my DH. He told me to get more hens...gotta keep the boys happy!

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