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By 3-Bearss · Jul 18, 2017 · Updated Oct 5, 2017 · ·
  1. 3-Bearss
    We started our little flock at the same time as our son started his on May 5th & 6th
    1 Wild Eastern Turkey, 6 Easter Eggers, 4 Rhode Island Reds, 2 Silkies, 1 Buff Laced Polish & 1 White Crested Polish. A weeks later we split our flocks.
    Ours: 1 Wild Eastern Turkey, 2 Easter Eggers, 3 Rhode Island Reds, 1 Silkie & 1 Buff Laced Polish.
    Sons: 4 Easter Eggers, 1 Rhode Island Reds, 1 Silkie & 1 Polish.
    May 13th we added 3 Blue and Black Ameraucana's
    June 16th we added more.
    2 Wild Eastern Turkey, 1 Ameraucana, 1 Grey Silkie, 2 White Crested Polish & 2 Plymouth Rock Barred.
    August 14th 3 more Blue Ameraucana's
    The 2 Plymouth Rocks have joined our son flock
    Our original Turkey (a Tom named Houdini) has decided the flock is his. He looses his mind if he is separated from the chickens or if one wanders too far from him.

    Our first egg @ 22 weeks from our EE hen Tristan. 5 Oct 17
    Easter Egger hen: Tristan 22 weeks old, hatched 4 May 17
    youngsters in the coop
    A day outside
    2017-06-12 11.34.52.jpg
    Young White Silkie
    Rhode Island Red hen: Rosie
    Buff Polish: Dufus
    Rhode Island Red Roo: Roger
    Mobile Coop and Run setup
    Youngsters in the coop
    Dirt bath in the flowerbed
    Rosie & Ruby
    New chicks in May
    The flock was split
    1st Day in the grass

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  1. N F C
    Pretty mixed flock and nice photos! Thanks for sharing them :)
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