Chicken Scratch

@ The MacMahan Farm
These babies were born on 3/20/11

This gal is 2 days shy of 4 wks.
I stuck the gallon milk container in the picture to show her size.

I picked up these 3 day old Speckled Sussex's yesterday.
Love these little chipmunk lookalike chicks.
Only problem is they are not sexed.
Im not too jazzed about the possibility of cockerels :-(

These are feisty little babies compared to my last batch who are pretty docile.
Cant get near the brooder without them freaking out.

2011-05-10 Down one chick today. Seagull swooped down & grabbed it.

2011-05-15 Another chick disappeared today.

Our first egg!

2011-05-17 A dog came onto our property today and killed 4 of our birds right on the front lawn.
We are devasted!

2011-05-23 Lost my second chick due to cocci this am. Down to 5 birds now.

Our Coop

Random flock pics