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By Chickidee · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Chickidee
    We are new to this site, so please bear with me. We have hens & one rooster & they all seem to get along well. One day I walked into the coop and our rooster was standing next to a hen that was laying low in a corner. As I assessed all the hens, I suddenly noticed all the blood spatter on the wall behind this crouching chicken. I followed blood splat trails from one corner of the coop to where she was at the time. At first I thought is was the roosters beak that caused this as he might have pushed on her back. My hubby thinks it was probably the roosters talon (if that's what it's called for a rooster). Can any one tell me if that's what it is and if the talon's should be cut to prevent this from happening again or if in fact, this is just how it goes and nothing can be done?

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