Well. the house is finally done, but for some finish trim work...

and painting... you can see we have not cut the doors & windows out yet....
And now we are all moved in by March 2014 !

Inside, we worked all winter:

Putting down Hickory hardwood flooring....

Bringing in appliances.......

This is the beginning, sort of, of our journey here !

First of all, thanks for visiting !
We are in our 50s, and have a brand new homestead, so far on the house we have gotten the 24" crawl space foundation, sub-floor and floor deck done with underlayment.
It was tarped all the first winter & we are in our tiny cabin for another winter.
Now we have built on, have walls up, trusses done & up & are ready to finish the roof!

I cannot hardly waite for the roof to be done !
Then we can get to work inside !
Roof is now done !!!!

We are on the coast of Willapa Bay in southwestern Washington state...close to the beaches and have all the wonderful wildlife and coastal foggy climate of the Washington Coast.
The house is now done !!!!!!!!!!!

This is the best house ever, and sq ft by sq ft, this design utilizes the best space, instead of a regular roof which would be unusabl spcae, we have a seriously strong truss gambrel system, which allows us to use all that space that other wise would be lost to just another 'attic'.
Interested ?
This design can be found on line, give me a PM to find out any info to build one for yourself.

We have hatching eggs for sale from the birds you see listed under my name, in season.

I am also a water color artist, and paint mostly wildlife, and I do live in the perfect place for that!

Bielefelders , Sulmtalers are our main deal here now~~ Thanks for looking !

A few of my paintings:

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