Hi, My name is Trudy and I live in a rural part of central Arkansas. I guess you could call me a wanna-be farmer. I share my home with my husband Kevin, 6 chihuahuas, 2 Rat Terriers, 1 chocolate Toy Rat Terrier, 1 Boxer I rescued from a puppy mill, ! Pit Bull, 1 Great Dane Mix, and a cat. I now am the proud Mama of 9 baby chicks that are 2 weeks old and growing soooo fast. I have 4 Buff Orpingtons and 5 Americanas that look so different from each other. We had a storage shed in back of our home that is insulated and I thought it would be a great chicken coop! With a little bit of work and a whole lot of hope we are turning it into a coop. It doesn't sit the right direction, but it does have a window and doors for ventilation. It also has those fiberglass roof panels over one section so the chickies get lots of light and it is worm for them. We bought one of those chik-n-hutch coops at TSC thinking that would be plenty big enough for a couple weeks but I am finding out that they may get one more week in it and then whether I want to or not they will have to be in the coop on the floor in shavings. I have no place else to put them and the mini coop is already in the big coop and has been since the day they came home. I have a light over them and I know they are plenty warm day and night. I just hope they do alright in the coop on the floor. they are already using the roosting pole in the cage and I plan on putting up 2 low ones for now and as they grow I will raise them.