Okay let's see since I last wrote Ive had more chicks hatch. Three golden comets and they are ADORABLE I love Golden Comets . And then I had two of my American Dominiques hatch but I can't complain at least I have two of them baby chickies and they will be taken care of. And then I only had one blue cochin hatch . Im so hooked on dominiques now and cochins.
And my little cochin will be loved just as much as my others. Oh another good note my other hens are starting to lay now and I get at least six eggs a day now. Hard to believe I knew that this would happen but you are never prepared for it are you hahaa. Sometimes I'll get three or four dozen eggs in my fridge. Im like what?? But I do have people buy them here in town. Im half tempted to put a sign in my front yard announcing FRESH EGGS $1.50 a dozen.
With the money I did manage to make Ive been able to buy feed and more wood shavings for my chickies. So far this whole experience has been a pretty good one. Sometimes I do get down in the dumps when my eggs dont hatch but there has to be a reason why they didnt make it. Still though it gets a little depressing, cause youre like what the heck happened.