Hello and welcome to chickiewhiskers.eggs! We are located at Far Fetched Farm in Garrison, NY on the grounds of an old estate. We have a small home "yolkette" where we raise, spoil and are attendants to our small flock of28 hens and 2 Roosters, Bucky Dent, a RIR and Super Mario, a French Black Copper Maran. Our hens are our pets and they live out their entire lives with is. We are no kill and and do not eat animals so our birdies fear not, LOL! They receive organic feed, lots of fruits and veggies, and whatever other goodies we happen to have within reason, of course. They mostly enjoy digging for worms on the property. They never get processed food or any kind of animal products. This is our third season of chickening and love it so much! We sell our eggs to friends, neighbors and acquaintances so if you are looking for a rainbow of some of the freshest, prettiest, tastiest and humanely treated eggs anywhere, and are near 10524, please give us a shout! Along with our Olive Egger, Dahlia, we offer eggs from our current ladies: RI Red, Buff Orpington, Black Sex Link, Araucana, Barred Rock, Golden Comet and NHs. Thanks for taking a gander at our page! =^..^=

facebook: chickiewhiskers.eggs
email: [email protected]