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By chickluver:D · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. chickluver:D
    God put them there.
    By Rose Lovecchio (me)

    A brook that has a gentle flow,
    A wind that has a cool blow,
    A flower that puts on quite a show,
    Baby deer that start to grow,
    A fuzzy bird who’s call I know.
    God put them there.
    A mother fox and little pups,
    Sweet tulips curl up like cups,
    Life forever in the woods,
    Full of treats and goods,
    A bunny hops here and there,
    Ready to run at any scare
    God put them there,

    For us to share.

    God made man to show his goodness and to make us happy with him forever.
    God gave us free will so we could choose.
    But man did not listen to God, and distroyed life.
    God was not angry, but he was very very
    God did NOT put man on earth to distroy life.
    abortion is KILLING babies.

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