The Animal House
My name is Vicky. My husband, Justin, and I have a son named Travis. My boys are everything to me. Second to my boys are my animals.
I have one dog, Sara, a cocker spaniel and two cats. Kiya, my polydactyl tabby and Cleo, my old lady tech school rescue kitty. We also have two ferrets, Connor and Charlie.
I am a RVT, however I am taking some time off to spend with my family and focus on my son when my husband deploys later this year.
This is our third year having chicks. Unfortunately I had been free ranging my flock and several fell victim to my walker hound last summer. Mid fall, I got a coop for my 2 remaining girls, however, the winter was colder/snowier than I had expected and my coop was not warm enough for the girls.
I just got 5 new babies! All barred rocks- one of whom is supposed to be a rooster and I really hope they are all what they are supposed to be.