ALOHA from Honolulu, Hawai`i!
Our journey into the world of chickens began in Spring of 2008 when my daughter was in preschool. Little did I know that their egg hatching project would lead to one of the most interesting & fun experiences ever! I picked up my daughter one day from school after the chicks were a few days old & was congratulated on being one of the parents who would be taking a chick home (there were 5 in all). I said, "REALLY?!" Being an animal lover & already having a menagerie at home, I figured, what's one more? I didn't know the first thing about successfully raising a chicken so I did a search online & thus began my addiction to BYC!
This is Chick-Chick (named by my daughter) in her cardboard box & sheet protectors brooder lol.
We learned later that she was a Cornish X meat chicken & I was heartbroken when so many people here on BYC told me she would only live a few months then die of a heart attack due to the fast growth rate.
However a few people said that they had pet Cornish X & a local hatchery worker had Cornish X 5-6 years old! I was hopeful! BYC-ers told me to get her a friend so off to Asagi Hatchery I went & they happened to have a bunch of newly hatched Red-Sex-Links.
I couldn't take just ONE. I took home TWO. More on them later.

Sadly, Chick-Chick died under suspicious circumstances when she was 14-months old. We came home one night & her neck was broken with a stick next to her on the ground.
She is very much missed.