My name is Marcy. The screen name "" is from the PBS tv show Between the Lions. In every episode, they have a story about Chicken Jane. My kids like the cartoon chicken. chicknjane
How it all began . . .
On May 13, 2009 I brought home my first baby chicks, a 1 week old Sex Link Rooster (Roaster), 2 day old Red Sex Links (Henrietta and Zelda) and, (Oops) 2 Buff Orpingtons (Hanna and Pixie). The Ag center made a mistake and gave me 2 BO's instead of Sex links. I spent countless hours on BYC's website and Reading Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens, Chicken Health Handbook and a couple other books I can't remember at the moment. I read somewhere that roosters need 8 - 12 hens to keep them happy so on June 10th when I was offered 2 free Gold Laces Wyandotte pullets (Goldie and Sylvia), I had no reason to say no. Now these birds have single combs, not rose combs, so they are not genetically perfect, but they are beautiful to me. I soon realized that Sylvia was developing a bigger, redder comb. Yep, Sylvia was actually Sylvester. So with the tiny little 16 s.f. coop that we had already out grown, there was no way to accommodate 2 roosters without building a bigger coop. I was already in love with Sylvester so there was no getting rid of him. So by July 8th my DH had delivered a beautiful 8 'X 10' coop. I then got three more Red Sex links (Eloise, Madaline and Cleo, a.k.a. the triplets) hoping that 8 girls would be enough for 2 roosters. We then adopted a 1 y.o. Australorp and her 12 mixed breed babies, 2 were carried off by hawks, 5 are pullets (Sasha, Red, Esmerelda, Rouan, Rowena) 5 roos (meat) and we were given 6 barred rock/plymouth rock/partridge rock mutts from my husbands friend 4 pullets (Lucy, Ethel, Jewel and Roxanne) and 2 roos (Rocky and Splash) all by July 28th. Then on August 5th I received 15 meaties. Unfortunately, 10 died within 24 hours of receipt for unknown reason. We converted our old shed into another coop (#3) and on October 20, 2009 received the 25 Pullet Rainbow pack from MPC. (My husband loves a good deal and so he couldn't let me pass it up.) 10 birds get processed next week and the triplets were given to a friend who lost his hens to a weasel attack. The triplets were a little mean to my preschoolers, so it was a win/win situation for us. By now, I have lost count and my mind.
Meet the inhabitants
Roaster in the wild flowers Goldie and Sylvester (fromerly known as Sylvia)

Here are the 25 Rainbow pullets from My Pet Chicken I received 10/20/2009. I have no idea what they are and I'm as excited as a child at christmas just waiting to find out what breeds they grow up to be.

We have named our little homestead Fuzzybutt Farm
We have three chicken coops #1 for the meaties called "Coop de grace", #2 for the forever chickens "Coop de villa" and for the newest layers "Coop d' etat" though they will never really over throw the permanent members of the Fuzzybutt Farm, there will always be a constant changing of regime to maintain a steady laying of eggs.

We do not intend to sell our eggs, we just want to be able to provide our family, friends and neighbors with a supply of eggs and have enough to give away to anyone who needs fresh eggs.