Ok, we had a thought what would be a great way to control bugs in the garden? Bug spray, sure that would kill bugs, birds, cats, dogs, plants, neighbors......... Anyway, it didn't seem a viable solution. So the thought process became, what eats bugs? An anteater, that would be cool however I have no idea where to get one of those.
What about.....wait for it..... Chickens, yeah they eat stuff. So cool we want chickens. The first thing I think is Internet, I can get chickens online and boy can you. Several hatcheries available offering a variety of chickens. A what a variety of chickens I had no idea there where so many different breeds. Somehow I just figured chickens are chickens, the feathers are just different on some, what do I know.

Anyway, the hatcheries wanted to send 25 day old chicks, pretty cool but I want to know how the demon twins and their devil offspring will handle living with chickens.

Enter the local feed store, I have the fortune of having a long standing feed store in my neighborhood, they've been here since I was a kid and I have bought dog food from them before. We we're able to get some "trial chicks"


These little guys were so cute. I couldn't believe I was allowing a chicken to run around in my house, but there it was this was actually happening. Two hens, a black star and an americana... or is that a black star roo.

Ah-oh the black star roo sure looks a lot like my little guy, I should check. The great folks at backyardchicken came to the resuce. It's a barbed rock and SHE'S a girl. Whew a big sigh of relief, but wait what's this. You can't tell the difference between the two until they're older. Really, I may still have a roo, what do I have to do wait for it to crow? No just give it a few weeks time will tell.....

So, hi there I'm the proud owner of a barbed rock hen and an Easter Egger, not bad from where we started.