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Chickns Coop Huge Coop Very Functional

By chickn, Jan 11, 2012 | | |
  1. chickn
    chickn's Coop

    This is the old breeder coop, we built this first. It has 3 pens on the left that have attached runs and 3 pens on top that we use for a brooder.
    The other side has 4 pens with outdoor runs and the top 4 cages we use for hens when they hatch chicks to seperate them out of the breeder pens.
    I am guessing here but i believe they are 4x4's. We tore off the front of this coop and attached the new coop right to it.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The old coop 10x14 the inside pens on the left are 3 on 3 2x3. On the right, there are 4 on 4 they are 2x3 the outside runs off the bottom pens are 4x4x4's.
    We use these for breeder pens for pairs std or bantam trios.

    The new coop is 12x18. i looked all over for ideas before we built. we havent done the outside runs yet.they will be on the ends of both sides. a girl can dream!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    One of these pictures is looking threw to the back into the old coop.

    The pens in the new coop are: to the left there are 2 4x8s and in the middle are 2 4x4 pens; to the right are on one side a 4x4 and a 4x8 pen on top and 3 4x4 pens on the bottom; on the other side are 3 4x4 pens and on top is just a shelf right now.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    We planned to put another large cage there but havent yet decided. all pens are seperated by a half wood wall with wire that can be removed to make a large cage if you wanted.
    We do a lot of chicken swaps so we are always raising chicks, buying and selling laying hens so its a good set up for us. its not your normal backyard layers coop.


    What would i change - I would have the large double barn doors. (which i still plan to do, just need to get a carpenter on board with my idea's!!).
    I really wanted the gambrel style roof. maybe next time!
    I wanted to have more windows. right now there are 2 that dont open on the front one on the left side and 3 large windows on the back.


    Laying boxes are located in one of the 4x8 pens.


    and this is the finished coop. When i ever get my outside run i will update this page. Fingers crossed for the spring!


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  1. Free Feather
    You seriously need to let those chickens outside. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  2. keesmom
    I love your setup. Plenty of brooder space, not to mention 2 levels of breeding pens. So when will C and Tony be here to build me one??? :)
  3. tripleG
    I like the individual pens and runs. I try and keep my chickens seperated as some are show and some are layers. Thanks for the ideas

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