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    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand]I like writing stories, reading, climbing trees, painting, sketching, and listening to music. I love to be myself, which is a happy bubbly girl, but also smart at times :p If you ever want to read any of my stories, go to the following link:Hey, Y'all. My previous username was juliave, so as you can gues, my name is julia:)
    I am currently writing a novel and up to chapter 10; It's called Moonless Night. I am also working on many other stories as I write. My fave colours are Purple/ Black/ Red/ Blue and I have 18 pets (14 chickens, a dog, an axolotl, and 2 goats.)I love them all. I have loads of fun whether I am at school or home and love everything that lives. That's about all there is to know about me :p My latest story is called Cloudless Moon (If you've been to Storywrite, you'd have guessed that I like the moon, and the night :p) and its got 2 parts. hope you enjoy if you plan to have a look.


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