It is the most endearing thing, when I see my Airedale Rummy giving love to his Blue Cochin Bantam. He loves all his chicks, but this one is special.

I make sure we spend some time everyday handling the chicks together. I wanted to train the chicks to associate the big furry face and big black nose with food, safety, comfort and warmth.

His chick rests on his head while he relaxes.

Now that they've grown accustomed to one another, the rest is much easier.

The greatest progress came the other evening, when Rummy decided to take a nap together with the Cochin Bantams. They snuggled up close together, the chicks choosing to stretch our over his forearm, or snuggle in his armpit or lean on his belly for warmth and comfort. Too cute.

The buff frizzle Cochin bantam. A female at around 4 weeks of age.

All 7 cochin bantams napping with Rummy

Rummy and his favorite Blue Cochin Bantam, now a lot bigger than a wee chick

A Silver laced polish hops onto Rummy's back, while Kimi takes a sniff

Rummy becomes a chick playground