Chicks and Lilacs

By NovaAman · Jun 7, 2013 · ·
  1. NovaAman
    Chicks and Lilacs
    My attempt at using chicks and flowers.
    These chicks are just a day old.
    Polish, Japanese Bantam, and Red Shoulder Yokohama.


    All in all, I love the first pic, and I am sure all the people who drove past the house and saw me laying on my tummy in the front yard with a camera may have thought I was pretty nuts. I am happy with how they turned out considering I was using a toddlers camera.

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  1. OldFarmGirl68
    I love the third picture, good job!
  2. NovaAman
  3. TheCrazyClucker
  4. nannie
    yes they are so cute.
  5. OwlLover
    So cute!

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