Chicks are now Chick - ens at 5 months and everyone survived
! No eggs yet, but combs and wattles are filling out and rosying up. Big Roo 'Albion' is now a rather aggresive roo which I am not totally happy with, but maybe its just teenage hormones checking in and he will mellow out at least enough for me to go into the run to feed and clean and visit... As it stands now I don't go in without my metal feed can lid as shield and I can't take my eye off of him one minute, cause he don't take his eye off me. At first I thought it was just wearing red but gave it the real test again today, and he doesn't care what size or what color your wearing he's gonna take you out. NOT. I wonder how long it will take him to realize that getting bonked with a metal can lid is not much fun. Or can chicken's learn? Is this going to be an ongoing 2 X daily battle for the rest of his life???
It really takes the fun out of visiting the coop as several of the hens are getting very friendly, enough to eat out of my hand and fly up and join me on my chair in the run when I am taking pictures or sketching. If he doesn't figure it out then I will have to segregate him at those times. And if he is too rough on the hens I will definitly pull him from the main run except for a couple days a week. I may even have to look at finding him a new home with more hens and bigging roaming space, I just can't offer that right now.
I am going to look at fencing the veggie garden extension that butts into the run and they can range in that too when I am home at least, it won't be as safe as the 'Chicken Fortress' LOL
Sooooo here it is Thanksgiving and not an egg yet, but the Roo's are dancing (Big Roo, Welsummer and Little Roo, Seabright) and the hens are plumping and rosying up, and it is winter with early nights and late mornings so we shall see when it all comes into fruition!
Oh, and I have to move my big perch out to edge of shelf for Big Roo, he is ruining his beauty tail feathers! And I want all the beauty feathers for making hair extensions and jewelry! Maybe take the day off and work on some of the feathers ear-rings from my already collection!
Wendy, BlackJack - Border Collie Cross whose favorite meal is chicken... Bandita - Red Heeler Cross who will eat anything... Ruby Kitty who thinks the chickens are very entertaining and tries to jump in each time the door opens (Rooster Fodder me thinks though) 9 girls, dressed in winter glory and 2 guys just starting their feathered strutting and crowing competitions! (its a riot to see the two Roo's side by side testing their crow's... one a fair size Big Roo, the other just about the smallest Banty Roo there is, but both puffed!)