I am looking forward to being a mother of ten chickens!!!!!!! I am sure i'll have lots of questions, so, stand by!
There will be Two australorps, Two White rocks, Two Rhode Island Reds, Two sliver laced wyondettes (did i spell that right?) and Two Barred Rocks. They'll be living in a 8x7 coop with a medium/large run, and free ranging. On april first, of 2012 I will be sitting in the car, with a box in my lap, peeps coming from my (hopefully) girls, and i will be thinking 'the day has finally come!......now what?!?!?!?"

Wow. that was a long time ago! I am now the mother of 12 chickens. 2 australorps, 2 orpingtons, 2amaracaunas, 2 wyondettes, and 4 gold stars. ALL girls. :D getting 12 eggs a day, average. Love my Ladies.

THAT was a long time ago.
I now have 23 chickens! 10 of my starter flock, who are 2 years old, 5 who are 1 year old, and 8 who are 6 weeks! On average of 15 laying hens I get 6-8 eggs a day!!! Might have to cull a couple of the oldies.
I did have a rooster, Mr. Darcy, who I gave to a friend to give to a friend, because he was mean to hens and people. Crumpet died Feburary of 2014 from sour crop or egg yolk per-something. Polly got snatched by a coyote or hawk I think, fall of 2013.