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  1. Chickensrule123
    When I first got my chickens they were tiny babies. [​IMG] We got them from the stables were keep are horses (Elvis and Scout). We have 2 gold one has a black spike around its neck, she is called Carly the other gold is called Margo, we have one black and gold called Jessie, and one white with black spots called Alex. They still had to be kept in a incubator we did not know where to put them so I said what about my room of course my mum said ''will you be able to sleep'' so I said see how it goes. That next week my best friend Eleanor had a sleep over and COULD NOT GET TO SLEEP!!!!!!!, I slept fine cause I was used to it, but not her [​IMG]. the next morning she picked up Alex and dropped her and I caught her (they are very fragile the can DIE!!!!). I got a bit annoyed with her [​IMG] [​IMG]. Well at least she survived, now there in a 4 meter run, 4 meters wide 2 meters high, and 2 meters long. They think I am there mum so they always follow me around. Those are my first chickens. We still have them I wanna keep it that way.

    [​IMG] Thanks for reading [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

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  1. Chickensrule123
  2. Chickensrule123
    in October there gonna start laying and i will get pics up hopefully
  3. LoveChickens123
    they sound soooo sweet are they grown up and laying if they are do they lay in the nesting box cause mine don"t
  4. Gargoyle
    Sounds nice, show us pix of your little chicks!

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