Chicks of 3 colors

By cher1190 · Apr 22, 2014 · ·
  1. cher1190
    We received our baby chicks from ( the cackle hatchery) on March 26th. We decided on three different breeds 5 of each plus one Plymouth Barred rock rooster. Of coarse they sent two extra's in case some of the chicks died on the way here. I picked them up at the post office at 8:30a.m. hurried home with them and got my tote ready with heating pad under it to keep them warm during my inspection of each one and so I could give them all some sav-a-chic probiotic and electrolytes with a syringe. I also bought grow gel to feed them once they settled in. I still had them in the tote watching over them for about an hour, then I took them out to the brooder I had set up with the warming light. I must say all went quite well, I was exhausted because of worry , and excited too. My husband and I hadn't had any chickens since my grandpa and grandma passed away , so this is all new again. We did a good job caring for them the first week and every single one, including the two extra's are alive. So our brood consists of 6 Plymouth Barred rock pullets, 1 Plymouth Barred rock Rooster, 5 Delaware x Hampshire (Indian Run) pullets and one Delaware x Hampshire (Indian River) Rooster and 5 Buff Orphington pullets. I can not believe how fast they grow, I'm really glad I took pictures of them when they arrived. Hubby and his best friend have been working away at the Goat/chicken building, boy are those animals spoiled. He designed the building for them and took it to sweetwater here in Tennessee and had it built, the supervisor there was awesome, we told him what the building was going to house and he gave us some ideas we hadn't thought about, anyway, the building is 12x24 ,we had the lumber co install linoleum onto the floor before they built the walls on it, so that the wood underneath won't begin to rot. Hubbies and my idea. The goats have a window on each end and so do the chickens, we built a large outside run onto the chickens end complete with metal roof, vinyl screen door, covered with chicken wire for extra protection. It is amazing. I'll post pics when its completely finished.

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  1. Mountain Peeps
    Sounds like you have happy birds! Can't wait to see the pics:)

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