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Chicks To Chickens

  1. chickenboo707
    These are my chicks!!!
    I will be updating as they grow. Keep coming back!
    [​IMG]These two shy ladies are my 5 day old Rhode Island Reds. Their names are Heidi and Gisselle.
    [​IMG]Another picture of my chickee. Not sure yet which one.
    That little Barred Rock in the middle ( above picture) is Naomi. All about 1 week old.
    [​IMG] The girls at 2 weeks. Sprouting tail feathers already!
    Aren't they adorable?
    Action shot of Naomi scratching in their food bowl.
    My chickies at 2 1/2 weeks!!!
    Stay tuned for more pictures in the coming weeks. Don't miss the awkward stage.

    The girls at about 3 weeks! Look at those tail feathers grow!!

    One of my RID's at 5 weeks. She still has a bit of fuzz.
    My other RID also at 5 weeks. Pretty isnt't she?

    This is my Barred Rock at 5 weeks. Still a bit fuzzy, but so cute!

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