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By chicksup · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. chicksup
    [​IMG]Hi! I'm new to BYC, well, relatively new. I posted a reply a while ago and received some answers very quickly, for which I am deeply greatful. I have 1 BlackStar and 5 Americauna's. The blackstar looks very good with nice bright shiny feathers. Lately she has been sitting on the roost, but no egg. I answered a post about the BlackStar and got an immediate reply. But my point of view has changed somewhat. The BS has a bare breast with no feathers. At first I thought she had lice according to the guy at IFA, but I saw no indication of lice eggs on the base of the feathers. So maybe they are just molting! Thought on that please? Anyway I dusted all the chickens with probably Sevin, Poultry Powder.

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