We are so excited to be staring our journey with Chickens! I found BYC about a year ago(2010) and got hooked on the idea of chickens. I told my husband and he thought it was a great idea. At first we had the wrong notion that this was going to save us a little money, boy was I wrong! But, the idea of fresh eggs and meat without all the stuff they put into those at the grocery store sure make sup for the difference.
We found a playhouse someone was selling on cragislist. It is not the greatest but it sure is heavy! We have had some really rough weather the past few weeks but never worried about our chicks cus' the coop weighs a ton!
We also had a small fenced in area we used for the kids when they were toddlers and decided we could pull up the chainlink and move it around the coop. We are far from done but we're sure proud of what we have so far.
We have 10 ISA Browns from Rurual King and we also picked up two Banties. Not sure, but I think they are Golden Seabrights.