Chico California Chicken Ordinance

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    Chico California Chicken Ordinance

    Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYes
    Max Chickens AllowedFor TND areas: 1 per 250 sq ft of space (can't include house our setback areas)
    Roosters AllowedNo
    Permit RequiredNo
    Coop RestrictionsFor TND zoned areas: Coops have to be at least 25 ft from all side lot lines & 50 ft from any adjacent street or house. Chickens can’t be kept within 20 ft of any people-occupied structure.
    City/Organization Contact nameCity of Chico Code Enforcement Physical location: 411 Main Street Chico, CA 95928 Mailing address: PO Box 3420, Chico, CA 95927 Scott Armstrong, Code Enforcement Supervisor, 530-879-6330 [email protected] Animal Control 530-897-4960
    Additional InformationRoosters not allowed in the RS, R1 and TND zoning districts. Night quiet time is 9pm to 7am. Found no mention of any permit needed for chickens. Licenses are only required for dogs. ---------------------- Chico Municipal codes ---------------------- TITLE 7 ANIMALS 7.20 Animals--Keeping. 7.20.010 Prohibited - Exceptions. It is unlawful to keep within the city any animal of any species for any purpose except where specifically permitted in a particular zone by provisions of the zoning laws of the city. This provision does not apply to the riding or transporting of animals through the city. Title 19 LAND USE AND DEVELOPMENT REGULATIONS 19.76.020 Accessory uses and structures. C. Agricultural Accessory Uses and Structures. …Accessory structures for housing cattle, goats, horses, sheep, swine, or other similar animals shall be located at least 25 feet from all side lot lines and 50 feet from any adjacent street, highway, or residential dwelling unit, in compliance with Section 19.76.040 (Animals and fowl). 19.76.040 Animals and fowl. A. Household Pets. Household pets may be kept as an accessory use of residential property, provided they are kept in a humane and sanitary manner and in compliance with the provisions of this section. B. Requirements. 1. The area proposed for the animal to be kept is in compliance with Subsection F (Other Animals), below; 2. Bulls, cows, goats, hogs, horses, pigs, and sheep shall not be kept within 50 feet of any dwelling or occupied structure on neighboring properties; and 3. Fowl shall not be kept within 20 feet of any dwelling or occupied structure. Roosters shall not be allowed in the RS and R1 zoning districts or in the TND zoning district. ... E. Offensive Animals. No persons shall keep, maintain, or have in their possession on any property owned or controlled by them any household pets or any other animals in a manner, number, or kind so as to cause damage or hazard to persons or property in the vicinity or to generate offensive dust, noise, or odor. F. Other Animals. Exclusive of the area devoted to residential uses, the following areas shall be required for each animal to be raised or kept on any residential parcel. * Chinchillas, poultry, rabbits, and other similar allowed small animals: 250 sq.ft. for each animal G. Calculation of the minimum site area required for animals shall not include any areas within the footprint of a structure used for human habitation, or any areas subject to the setbacks from occupied dwellings which are required by Section 19.76.040B.2. 19.80.070 Allowable land uses. Table 6-1 Allowed Land Uses and Permit Requirements for AGRICULTURAL, RESOURCE & OPEN SPACE Neighborhood Edge (NE): Animal Keeping =Permitted Use Neighborhood General (NG): Animal Keeping =Use Not Allowed Neighborhood Center (NC): Animal Keeping =Use Not Allowed CORE (most urban): Animal Keeping =Use Not Allowed Animal Keeping is Subject to Standard in Section/Chapter: 19.76.040 Title 9 PUBLIC PEACE, SAFETY AND MORALS 9.38.010 Declaration of policy. It is hereby declared to be the policy of the city that the peace, health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Chico require protection from excessive, unnecessary and unreasonable noises from any and all sources in the community. It is the intention of the city council to regulate and control the adverse effect of such noises on citizens under any conditions of use, especially those conditions of use which have the most severe impact upon the auditory senses of any person. 9.38.015 Application and enforcement of chapter. B. This chapter shall only be enforced after a citizen complaint has been received. This chapter allows for different methods of enforcement. The appropriate method of enforcement shall be determined by the enforcement officer. F. Noise, Unreasonable. “Unreasonable noise” means noise produced by human voice, machine, animal, or device, or any combination thereof, that is so loud, unnecessary, excessive, or unusual that it unreasonably disturbs the peace and quiet of any neighborhood, unreasonably impinges upon the quiet enjoyment of property, or unreasonably causes discomfort or annoyance to any reasonable person of normal sensitivity residing or working in the area. 9.38.030 Residential property noise limits. A. No person shall produce, suffer or allow to be produced by human voice, machine, animal, or device, or any combination of same, on residential property, a noise level at any point outside of the property plane that exceeds, at any point outside of the property plane, seventy (70) dBA between the hours of seven a.m. and nine p.m. or sixty (60) dBA between the hours of nine p.m. and seven a.m. B. No person shall produce, suffer or allow to be produced by human voice, machine, animal, or devices or any combination of same, on multifamily residential property, a noise level more than sixty (60) dBA three feet from any wall, floor, or ceiling inside any dwelling unit on the same property, when the windows and doors of the dwelling unit are closed, except within the dwelling unit in which the noise source or sources may be located . 9.44.030 Animals running at large or grazing in streets generally. It shall be unlawful for any person owning or having the control of, or being the keeper of, any horse, mule, cow, goat, sheep, hogs, ass or domestic fowl, to permit the same to run at large upon or graze or feed upon any public street, alley, sidewalk or public place of the city.
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