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Chika Boutique Hotel Dwellers

By Aynur · Jun 6, 2015 · Updated Sep 17, 2015 · ·
  1. Aynur
    I have 6 Speckle Sussex chickens at my backyard. They are born 7th October, 2014. We call them Chika, to not to relate them anything what dogs and cats would eat at home; so dogs/cats would not think they are something they can eat. Took care of them at the basement room until their coop and run are ready enough.

    They are curious, sweet, docile.

    Doing yard, garden work turn out to be more fun then before with them being around me all the time. If I take shuffle on my hand, they are right next to me , following the location, where I am going to dig. Then, lots of creme brulee right from the earth. (love creme brulee, they love worms, so I call the worms their creme brulee :-D) I move pots and rocks, so they can enjoy what is hiding underneath.

    We still building the coop and surroundings, not completed yet. But now they are helping!!!!. Especially Ms. Daisy. Ms. curious, beak on everything.


    I know I am beeeeaaatiful
    I know I am pretty
    My make up is my spots that is given by creator
    I know I am geeeoooorgous
    I know I am funny
    I make my care taker laugh at me
    I enjoy when she laughs
    I follow her where she walks
    Garden pitcher is like my fork
    When she carries with her walks
    Garden is my salad bar
    Some Creme Brulee under rocks
    I know I am beeeeaaaatiful
    Clik Clok Chlok

    They are getting bolder. Before I know , they will knock the kitchen door to come in. Wait. They already do...


    This is Ebru. Checking out what is going on at the deck.


    What are you saying. Calling me down... Come on Ebru, need more creme brulee?


    I figured they love cabbage. And I knew how to lure her back to the yard.


    There you go, all where they are supposed to be...


    Yeah, they start knocking , together with the left one.


    Zeyna : So, are you chicken.
    Ms. Bella : Nope I am Chika...
    Zeyna : So are you tasty...
    Ms. Bella : Nope. I am nasty. Shhhh.. she is watching us. Act like we cool.

    Me : Or, are they plotting against me... hmmm.


    Wait, what?


    Did not hear well, let me come closer.



    So, cats did what? nothing? while I am working hard here.


    Yep, that's right Ms. Daisy. They are teaching wisdom of catness. Nap, stretch, nap, yawn, get treat, nap...

    Ms. Daisy is always the one who wants to involve everything we do.
    She is write there, helping on coop building to my husband.

    Daisy : What are you doing?

    Daisy : Now , what are you doing? Let me check.

    Daisy : Are you sure you are doing right?

    Daisy : I don't think this is right. Are you sure?

    Daisy : Hold on, let me help you.

    Notice the feet... How she is helping to take measurement...


    Daisy : Are you picking me up or not? Or do you want some pecking?

    And here it is our unfinished Chika Boutique Hotel

    Run is covered. Floor and walls covered with hardware wire.

    1 feeder, oyster shell
    1 feeder, granules
    2 feeders, feed


    The cables on the wall goes to Coop-o-mat; my husband design to automate the coop elements.


    DIY, automatic door, water level warning, Light, fan and sort.


    And coop project still goes on.

    These ladies are my first chickens... I never thought to have chicken around would be this much fun.

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  1. Brookliner
    Beautiful coop and beautiful flock.

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