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Well, welcome to my page. I am 13 years old and i had always dreamed of living on a farm, now is my chance. My family and I live in Atlanta GA and we are getting chickens!!! I have been planning this for awhile (making a coop plan, discussing it with my family, and so on) and finally we decided we are going to get 8 chickens, 4 Buff Orpington, 2 Barred Rocks, and 2 New Hampshire Red. I can’t wait to get them, but first we had to start building the coop.
The Construction
This is the site for the future coop.
This is the foundation (below)

The foundation is just made of simple cement blocks.
These blocks are sanded down with stakes in them.

This is the floor frame (below) Making sure everything is level
Made with 2x8s This is a very important step if you want to have a level coop.

webpage014.jpg webpage017.jpg
Starting with the floor bracing. Also with 2x8's Done with the floor bracing and ready to start with the floor
webpage020.jpg webpage038.jpg

Done with the floor now working on the south wall
Floor made with 4x8 ft plywood.

South wall finished (south wall includes human door, and chicken door at bottom right)
Wall made with 2x4's with bracing in the middle.

East wall (east wall includes a window)

Now we are starting to put up the walls (starting with the south wall)
Another view of the walls
All the walls up
Working on the frame of the roof. Also 2x4s
More roof frame pictures.
Another view of the roof with some fencing buried 1ft deep into the ground

My friend and I working on the trench for the fence.
005.jpg 006.jpg
Starting to nail in the roof. Roof is made of 2 plywood sheets

021.jpg 036.jpg

Now the tar paper
056.jpg 064.jpg
Starting with the wall
The wall is made of kind of plywood with groves down its front.
095.jpg 096.jpg

Done with all the walls
003.jpg 010-1.jpg
Well that is now for all
I will update this page every weekend