Chinckens and Waterbottles-the kind used for rabbits and more

By Fuzz Fuzz · Feb 23, 2012 · Updated Jan 3, 2014 ·
  1. Fuzz Fuzz
    I use waterbottles for all my animals. It keeps the water clean, they are easy to refil and they learn quite quick how it works.
    I use differend sizes, but if you only want to buy one size take the half a liter or liter bottle. The bottles i use don't realy leak useualy, but that will differ with each brand.

    Because i have multiple anymals i use the bottles for, i use the small bottles for the chicks that just hatched. And the big bottles for the animals that are out in the coop and run.

    The chicklets learn as easy to drink out of a bottle as they do out of an other watercontainer.
    You just dip there beak into the nipple as you would into the water.

    For older birds you go to it the same way, but you will probebly will have to repeat it a couple of times.
    I put the birds in the run, where the bottle is already hanging. I don't put in another watercontainer.
    I will give them a couple times a day the chance to drink out of a waterbowl. This way they are qiucker in learning the bottle, but if you are away allday just put a normal waterer with them and just put there beaks to the bottles nipple to drink as you go and feed them.

    Once one chicken big or small gets the hang of it the others will folow.

    The brand i like best is Savic Biba Waterbottle, they come in half a liter and a liter size. I don't know if it's availeble in your part of the world.

    Cleaning the bottle.
    The green algea you can clean out with a hand full of dry rice. Take the top of, put in the rice, put the top back on, shake. The bottle gets clean, the rice becomes green. If the bottle is very dirty this may have to be repeated with some clean rice.
    The nipple of the bottle you can clean by putting it in a tub with warm water and vinigar.
    Can also be used for the bottle.
    After cleaning rins with water and you're done.

    Building a stand for the bottles.
    The bottles come with a peace of wire to hang it, but if you want it to stand, a stand is realy easy to make.
    Take a pvc tube that fits around the bottle. Make a slot in it so you can slide in the bottle, the tip sticks out. The slot stops a little higer then you want the tip to be. Set it on the floor and you are ready. For some extra support you can make a stand of some wood slats.
    A soon as a made one I'll put up some pictures.

    If there are any questions, please feel free to ask.

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