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    Capons industrial development of the time has arrived

    Capons in China, had 3,000 years ago. are recognized as the earliest
    caponize one of the countries. Ever the Caponizing is a lost art: or it
    was chemically castrated, or the ancient art is lost, most people had
    lost interest in caponizing.

    In fact just the opposite, in China, the ancient art caponizing is not
    disappeared, but more and more specialized, standardized development.
    What are the reasons for it so the new glow of vitality?

    Brilliant today, There is a growing emphasis on green and healthy food.
    Because, Chicken is delicious and juicy of capons, Nutrient-rich and
    Expensive. For the most people was a luxury. Along with people's living
    standards improve; capons experienced an unprecedented consumer market,
    When the oldest of the technical limitations of large-scale development,
    Some people beginning to carry out the chemical castration chicken
    research, Over the years, you had to Recognized : It’s only a research,
    couldn't be used for chicken to eat, and "Green Food" is inconsistent
    with the subject . This prompted the development of our ancient
    caponizing technology, carrying out reform and research.

    Unthinkable happened, In recent years, Southern China at the Yulin
    City. Achieve reform of the first, about caponizing Technology. Patent
    person HuYaobo and his apprentices, Castrated cockerel only every few
    seconds one chick. Success rate is very high (they will not crow),
    Cater to a large-scale farmers caponize demand, as you can see the
    videos. Many people at the Expo on Agricultural Technology witnessed
    this technology. When people have doubts about technology, and the
    people of the surrounding has been developed.

    Capons industrial development of the time has arrived, and you don't
    know what is a capon?

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