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Celery, cranberries and pumpkins, our Royal palm Turkeys

last years Silkie and Showgirl chicks

Louie 2, My FCBM Marans roo, and his Aunt, these to are Pure Cottage Hill Lines. Louie 2 is no longer with us, his son Louie 3 and Hugh a boy from Peter Ovalle rule the roost now. So I have one cottage hill rooster and One from more traditional bloodlines.

Livia Drusa, a local breeder who got out of showing bred her and her 3 sisters. These hens are 4 years old now and still laying strong 3-4 eggs a week. They start at a dark 7 and do lighten up some over the year. My youngers hens are starting in the 8's.

Due to a fox attack we no longer have Cream legbars :( RIP sugar and cate.

MY breese, Clovis and his many wives, about a month ago: they are between 3.4 and 4.5 months as of 2/25/13. These line are going STRONG and I have added 1 of Clovis daughters and 1 of a cousin breese to this pen. The eggs are spectacular hatchers, I have sent them all over the country to get great hatches. Very, very vigourous birds if you are thinking of only 1 breed, this could be it!

A few pictures of BBS the silkie pens . ( lines from catdance silkies, Shelly at California Country ranch a local breeder who won a ton at the bantam show in Stockton that was the national, CJ silkies primarily with a few from swaps here and there) I will be adding a sizzle rooster ( 1 hookless gene, on hooked gene so will throw both traditional sizzle chicks and silkied sizzle, often called frilkie chicks) He is pure black with a beautiful green sheen. I will also have pure white showgirls ( hetryzognous male over straight silkies giving you 100% bowtied chicks)

Uglymug, good genes, bad face!

One of his frilkie sons.

Roxi raising chicks.

BBS pen.

We have James Marie Pharoah, Texas A and M, and Manchurian from James Marie. These quail lay VERY large eggs. I have been impressed with them and the chicks I have hatched from them. the Manchurian eggs are surprisingly large and 2 of these hens lay doubles frequently! N more using regular quail racks for me

See how large those quail eggs are? They are not ALL that big but that was from 1 week. The eggs on the side are Serema and Silkie, the big eggs are breese and Marans ( those are flash eggs so they look pale!)

Some young James Marie chillin in the bushes.

Nutmeg and Snickerdoodle, my dearly departed hen, raising babies together. My Serema pen has 4 hens and a frizzled rooster, giving us frizzle and smooth babies. Nutmeg is a size a , my other hens are small size bs. Snickerdaddy is a small b.

2 female chicks from this years breeding ( snickerdaddy/nutmeg chicks)

Nutmeg and doodles.
these chickens are no longer with us.