By chloezoebob101 · Feb 28, 2012 · ·
  1. chloezoebob101
    Chloe was in my second batch of chickens, but in my first year of raising them. She is my beautiful, yet old, cinnamon queen hen. She has become my mascot for my egg business, and my usernames. Why? Because, she has been a character throughout her years, and now serves as a good layer, and a funny chicken.
    She has been my favorite ever since the day we put her in our barn. We lifted stuff up, and called her, and she would come over and peck at everything. soon she discovered we weren't half bad, and followed us everywhere. we were practically tripping over her all the time. She loved us! We are always lifting stuff up for her, and now, all the other hens follow, but miss out because we are still standing there, keeping the metal or something lifted up.

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  1. JerseyGiantfolk
    :D That's why your name is Cholezoebob!
  2. Disco Hen
    Post pics! :)
  3. chloezoebob101
    That is why my name is ChloeZoeBob!!
    i will post pics!! :D :D

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