Chocolate the chicken- The survivor

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  1. Frindizzle
    We have some animals on our farm, and we know what it is like to lose them. We have lost animals, and we usually find the bodies to confirm that they are dead - but not Chocolate.

    We have 13 chickens. They live in two coops, and they are all nice, cute, and awesome little chickens. Each coop has a back area, with flashing red lights called Night Guards. In the night they are locked up in there, and in the morning when we let them out they have about two acres to explore, but hawks can get them and they can get stuck in brambles, but it is rare. We do not see a lot of chickens dying though. I think it is our two roosters who keep an eye out for hawks, they always give out an alarm when they see a hawk and they all run for this big bush or the bamboo. Good old Sam and Joe. But with the brambles, I think they are all extra careful and that is the reason we do not see chickens stuck in there. We have had only one chicken stuck in there, and that was Chocolate when she was littler. We found her and got her out, but she was covered in scratches, but she was all right. We almost always find the missing hen. We have a few chickens who fly over the fences and scratch in the garden and hide eggs. Chocolate was one of those naughty girls.

    A few nights before Chocolate went missing another chicken went missing, named Cinnamon. She is the best flyer and can fly over no-climb fencing. We looked for her, and we couldn't find her. I went to bed, feeling sad. I was worried. The next day I was awoken by my dad holding a chicken- Cinnamon! I was overjoyed. That same night she was gone again and I was not worried. She did appear again. She did that for 2 nights then seemed to not like it and stayed on the roost.

    That night that Cinnamon decided she liked the perch better, I counted the chickens in one of the coops. We are supposed to have 12 in the coop. I counted 11. I tried again. 11. 11. 11. I looked in the other coop. I was not that worried. I looked a bit more around and then thought Maybe Chocolate went away to go sleep somewhere else like Cinnamon. I said "Good night 12 little chickens!" I was sure Chocolate was not dead, but I was a little worried.

    Day 1:

    Chocolate was not seen in the morning. I was scared, but for some reason I felt she was alive. It was a nice, sunny day, and it was a nice temperature outside. I looked in the hidden nests we know of, around the yard, in the garden. She was none of these places, but that night, I still said, " Good night 12 chickens!" In the coop she stays in.

    Day 2:

    It was 100* F.
    I looked more desperately. I knew Chocolate was alive. But she would probably roast in the heat. When I locked up the chickens, I still saw nothing. But I felt like she was alive, so I still said " Good night 12 little hens!" In the coop she always slept in. When I went to bed worried, my mom suggested in the thorns. Chocolate had gotten stuck in them once. I wanted to go out now, but it was late.

    Day 3:

    Chocolate was still missing. I ran outside with clippers and did a hunt through the woods. Nothing. Not a Chocolate to be seen. It rained a lot, and was sunny some also. The chickens didn't seem to notice:
    Sam and Hermione. Sam in back, Hermoine front.

    One of our Dark Cornish hens, Darky.

    Polly, my golden beauty.

    Sally in action.

    Unlike the hens, I was worried. Chocolate was still gone when I locked up the chickens but I still said good night to 12 hens in the coop for Chocolate and her pals.

    Day 4:

    It was a cloudy, gloomy day. I was still feeling that Chocolate was alive, but it was wearing off. Later in the afternoon while I was on BYC, my dad popped through the door with a chicken. " Is this Chocolate?" He asked. I prayed it was and sure enough, there was a weak, pale Chocolate. I took her and gave her millions of kisses. My dad had found her trapped in a hay bale with an egg. She must of been looking for a spot to lay and the hay fell down. We fed her, and she ate for 10 minutes than drank for 30, non stop. She is okay now, back with the flock! :D

    More pics of the hens:
    [​IMG] If you look straight across this pic, in the front row, consisting of Jr. Little Peeper the Silkie, Cleo, and Chocolate in the right.

    Jr.Little Peep the hen ready to party!
    Hermione the hen.
    Frindizzle the hen.

    Joe the rooster in front, Jr. Little Peeper 2nd in line, Cleo 3rd.[​IMG]
    Close up off Joey, our black frizzle.

    Jr. Little Peeper with Cleo in back.

    Sam in back, Jr. Little Peeper in front.
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    Thanks for reading!

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  1. CherriesBrood
    Aww love your flock! I had a similar experience happen with one of my chickens, named ginger. We had looked everywhere for her! Not a single trace or sound, or a single feather. To this day we never found her, but I'm almost wondering if something like what happened to chocolate happened to ginger... I feel so bad. Love your flock. Great story!
  2. Frindizzle
  3. collingwood
  4. poult
  5. Frindizzle
  6. MsPoultry
    I love your flock there so cute!
  7. Frindizzle
  8. Acornewell
    So glad Chocolate is okay! Your chickens are all so CUTE!!!!! Love their names too!
  9. Frindizzle
    Aw, she is sweet :D Polly is my favorite :D
  10. PluckyClucker99
    Jr. Little Peep is my fave!
  11. Frindizzle
  12. Free as a Bird
    I love Frindizzle! So cute!

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