Chook Coop Progress

By NaeNae · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. NaeNae
    I will gradually add photo's as I go, I guess thats the best way to do things. Here is a photo of my grand scale run and coop. It is part of the original chicken yard and I had to remove rotting timber post attched by rusted screws as well as take off alot of old barbed wire and mesh. There is still a little mesh up which I will leave until We are up to the part of putting up new wire simply because we don't want the cows int he yard.
    Today I dug the trench shovel depth so we can bury part of the wire to help deter foxes and of course my dogs who look at my chook licking their lips.
    I do need hubby to help with the next part but I have my first delivery of timber and will pick up a small garden gate later this week. The gate that is just out of the picture cannot go in the run because it leads to our timber shed....
    Here is the picture of the site. the run will be approx 42.1' long by 18' wide.

    Nae x


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