Chook, Storm & Brownie, Our Beautiful Bantam's

By Mah1Mah1 · May 25, 2014 · Updated Aug 21, 2014 · ·
  1. Mah1Mah1
    Hey everyone! This is a page dedicated to the most cute, docile & smart friends I have ever known! Chook, Brownie & Storm. My beautiful Belgian Bearded D'uccles
    ^ The centre of this picture is Chook. Brownie & Storm are in the background

    [​IMG]< Another group shot, In the background is Cloe the rabbit. She shares the yard with the chooks. She LOVES chicken seed and eats more than the chickens do!!!
    ^ This is Cloe, she socialises with the chickens ok, except for the occasional peck (poor girl)
    Now down to the die-hard facts:
    (This goes for all three)
    Breed: Belgian Bearded D'uccle Bantams
    Age: 2 1/2yrs
    Sex: Female
    Likes: Each other, corn on the cob, socialising with humans, worms, digging, watermelon
    Dislikes: Bush Turkeys* (we live in Australia), confinement, rain
    *(For those who don't know) Bush Turkeys are large, flightless birds that are common in bushland areas in Australia. Bush Turkeys harass the chickens by pecking and scratching them [​IMG]
    I love these girls to bits, they are a joy to be around, have a friendly disposition and don't mind being handled.
    ^ Chook even lets me flip her onto her back!
    ^ Brownie, Our beautiful Mille Fleur
    ^ Chook and Cloe
    ^ Storm, named for her feisty personality and beautiful plumage

    These chickens are by far the friendliest breed I have ever known, they follow me 'round the yard, talk to me (by clucking of course) and chase you up to the feed bin. When I saw them at the pet shop it was love at first sight. They were in a small cage with another hen, however this one was sold before we bought them.
    They pay their rent in eggs (small but delicious) and affection. I couldn't ask for a better chicken [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    I promised more photo's; Here they are!
    [​IMG]Storm & Brownie grazing in the yard
    [​IMG]Brownie stops to see why i'm kneeling in the mud pointing a camera at them! [​IMG]
    [​IMG]All three girls walking off into the sunset (or rather, another section of the yard [​IMG])
    [​IMG]Chook was feeling a bit camera-shy today!
    [​IMG]Even Cloe decided to strike a pose before hurrying off to nibble the grass growing under the coop!

    The chooks have taken to taking dust baths underneath the frangipani tree's while Cloe eats the fallen leaves. After that they usually fall asleep in the shade of the fence, so cute!!!

    ---UPDATE TIME---

    Unfortunately I only have 1 photo today, the weather has been too lousy to get a good shot! But here is Chook & Brownie in the coop. Storm is around the corner making a fuss about an egg she laid- she pecked me when I tried to take it! She stood up, jumped & attacked- vicious!
    [​IMG]The sunlight provided a very beautiful effect!!!

    [​IMG]We removed the dirt from an old veggie patch And dumped it in another area of the yard, Chook & Brownie decided to dig around in it.

    [​IMG]And Storm just got in the way, running under our feet to get to all the worms & grubs. She ate a WHOLE lizard!!!.

    [​IMG]Cloe loves relaxing

    We cleaned the coop today, unfortunately Brownie was broody so she was not pleased at all when we moved her. [​IMG] She decided if she couldn't 'lay' inside the coop she would just sit on the grass and complain.[​IMG]

    [​IMG]Chook was feeling particularly epic today!
    [​IMG]The patented 'puzzled' pose [​IMG]

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  1. Mah1Mah1
    We all love Cloe, she came from an unloved family so she is still a bit twitchy when handled but we love her to bits!!!
  2. MarcoPollo
    Pretty birds! The rabbit is nice too:)
  3. Mah1Mah1
    I know! They are so friendly, sweet & loving! The eggs are delicious! I want to get a porcelain hen, their so beautiful, i'm jealous of you!!! Lol
  4. ShelbyCoral
    HHHHH I have them to! Its just in their nature to be so sweet! I love their eggs and them! I have 2 hens and like 15 cockerels and pullets... porcelain and mille fleur!
  5. Mah1Mah1
    1,500 views!!! I picked Storm up today & showed her, she was not impressed -_-
  6. Mah1Mah1
    They know it, and they make sure I know it to ;)
  7. chickwhispers
    Very Pretty!
  8. Mah1Mah1
    Don't forget to click the thumbs up if you liked it!!! More pictures coming soon (as soon as the chickens cooperate) ;)
  9. Mah1Mah1
    Except when they trip over in the mud ;)
  10. lillieegg
    All of your chickens are so pretty!
  11. Mah1Mah1
    I'm so proud of Stormie!!! 1,093 views!!! Someone is getting extra seed today :D
  12. Mah1Mah1
    Thank you everyone!! My computer was broken so I was away for a few days but now its fixed and I come back on to find my beautiful Stormie as Chicken picture of the week! I'm so proud!
  13. Whittni
    Awww! Your chickens are really cute!
  14. FaithM
    What beautiful chickens! I have a flock of bantams and I really wanted a few D'Uccles, but the timing just didn't work out this year :/ Maybe someday!
  15. chickenpooplady
    Cute flock! Congrats on Picture of the Week!
  16. MyPetNugget
    They are so cute!! Great pictures!
  17. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Chicken Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  18. Mountain Peeps
    Very adorable!:)
  19. Mah1Mah1
    They sound so cute when they sleep, lil cooing noises <3

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