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When I was a kid, my Mum was kept sane by sending me off to Grandma's for the school holidays. Grandma's was in Berri, South Australia. My grandparents were fruit growers who had 6 children and 30 acres. The 'children' were not much older than me but they were put to work all day, everyday during the holidays. I loved it when it was just too hot for work and everyone would spend the day by the River. One of my weirdest and fondest memories is of spending lots time with the chickens in the chicken coop. I distinctly remember being taught to hypnotize a chicken by gently placing its beak in the sand and drawing a straight line in the dirt. I swear I have done this and it has worked. I remember showing it to my Grandpa. He said "oh good. And now you do this...". He promptly chopped off the chooks head. I was devestated later that night when they told me the chicken on the dinner table was from my chicken family. I have refused, ever since, to eat chicken that was not from a shop. I have tried to hypnotise the a couple of my chickens recently and have had no success. Have any of you chicken lovers out there heard of anything like that before?
So now I have my own chooks! I absolutely wont be eating any of them. I don't care if you eat yours, I just can't do it.
My beautiful man Luke built me a chicken coop with an amazing run at our new 4 acre home we just bought near the Macedon Ranges in Victoria, Australia

We inherited our first two chickens from Luke's brother Chris. One is an Isa Brown named Lola, she is fully grown and a great layer. The other is Jonah. He is a random mixed breed that kept getting into fights and had to have a new home. He seems very happy here with his mate Lola. They look after each other. I always treat the original chickens the best (by giving them the treats). Lola gets most of the grubs we find around the place and these days Jonah will take a few but he generally leaves them for his lady Lola. Jonah has a weird and entertaining dance he does at Lola, it reminds me of a confused bullfighter/ballroom dancer. I guess its his mating dance since he mounts Lola soon after. Maybe I should have called him Benicio Del Toro?



Within the next few days we bought some pullets... $20! As far as I know they were not any particular breed. We got a white one, a brown one and an Austrolorp (sp?). We introduced them to Lola and Jonah and there were no problems. Lola seemed a little put out but there was not pecking, fighting nasty business.​