I'm Felta, I'm 1242 and I'm from England (currently residing in Australia)
- I am an aviation nerd. I feel the need to look whenever I hear a plane approaching, then of course I have to figure out what approach its on and to what runway... although this becomes second nature after a while, and is somewhat simplified by the fact that runway 05 does not have an ILS.
- I read the Financial Review because they have lots of airline news. Oh, and the oil price is something I like to keep up to date with, as well as what Alan Joyce has been pulling out of his bag of media tactics recently.

- I'm an ATC nerd as well. I listen to Kennedy and Sydney. I have a bunch of "pals" on the frequencies, more specifically EC, LCG, TGWSTR, AW, and of course, Dennis, whose name might or might not really be Dennis. :)
- Me and my real friends have all been given flights by me, my closest friends are Emirates 419 and Canadian Federal Express 797-75 with the Fire in the Toilet (you know who you are, if you ever end up reading this).
- Singapore 234 rhymes.
I had a PoultryLand. *clears throat*

- I was Delta741, the one with the insanely high show point average (probably due to the fact that I was only a basic member, and had no space for non-showing breeding projects. :p) that I think got up to 25,000 before SkyLaurie died. All my birds were named 'Sky___###' (e.g. SkyLaurie1817) or '741's ____ Kennedy' (e.g. 741's Kaitlyn Kennedy) Those were mine.

I keep chickens. I have three. Their names are Eggie, LT and Cherry. Eggie is old, senile, spotty, and no longer lays. She is the perfect epitome of old age. LT is named after an item of electrical equipment at the airport. Pssssh.