Choosing The Perfect Chicken

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    Choosing the Perfect Chicken for your backyard flock
    You may wish to have a backyard flock, but the difficulty arises in choosing the perfect chicken for the purpose. The three main factors to take into consideration for choosing a backyard breed are; space, environment and the eggs available. You would have to study the common breeds of chicken to determine which of them would get along with the three factors stated.
    Purpose of Breeding Chicken

    First of all you have to decide what the purpose of rearing chickens is. Do you want to raise chickens for just getting eggs? Do you want for selling them off? Or do you want to rear them for butchering purposes. Chicken to be used for meat purposes should be of the Old English Game breed. For home based purposes; that are just to get eggs and also to have a few pets, then you must go for the tame breeds. These are docile chickens and you can get the hens to lay eggs, even without a rooster. A rooster could be pretty fierce and noisy, so decide if you want a rooster or not. Some chicken breeds could be quiet aggressive and not very suitable for a small backyard breeding. Make sure you get detailed information from bird experts or from people who have a number of years in poultry farming.
    Climate Based Breeds

    There are chickens that breed well in winter, while there are those that do so in summer. Climate and environment has an important impact on the type of chickens you want to rear. Also it is a determining factor when you have to build chicken coops in the backyard. If it is a frequent wet weather, you would have to construct a coop on a raised level… but then that is an entire subject on building coops!
    Space Needed For the Chicks

    Space is an important factor. Do you want chickens that are shy and would prefer hiding in the coop, rather than run around? Or do you want free range chickens that run around the area and want to find their own territory in a small backyard? Big sized chickens would need a good space to run around, whereas the domestic chicken would do well in comfortable hay set up.
    Egg Laying Breeds
    If you want to have chickens for the purpose of having a egg business, then you should choose breeds that lay at least five eggs a week. Considering the number of chickens you have and the living conditions that they are exposed to, you could have a large accumulation of eggs by the end of the week.

    Remember most breeds of hens are pretty aggressive or very shy. Therefore, if you have kids at home, make sure they don't tick these chicks off as they could be quite fierce in their defense. For city homes, remember you have neighbors around too, so don't keep any noisy breeds. Keep the environment clean, or you could possibly end up being sued for chicken influence on your neighbor's property!!!! is your one stop shop for fertile chicken eggs, bantam chicken quail, duck, and guinea eggs. We carry incubators, chicken coops, brooder boxes , organic chicken feed and medication for your flock. Our Customer service hours are from Mon-Fri 10:am - 3:00pm EST and can also be reached by Live Chat

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